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Avik Pro

Avik Pro

Soon the Pro version will be available, full of settings:

  • More template
  • Extended portfolio
  • Font family choice
  • New widget areas
  • Possibility to remove “Power by”
  • More options
  • Support for 12 months
  • More slider
  • More Homepage Section
  • Blog Layouts
  • Ecommerce

Changelog v 10.0.1

  • Fixed some bugs
  • Updated language translation in Italian
  • Added “Services” Post Template
  • Added Option Menu Dropdown
  • Add Name and Link Page Contact in Home Page

Changelog v 10.0.2

  • Fixed some bugs
  • Improved responsive design for the “Header Spider” Template
  • Added second image on page “About US”
  • Improved colors in Shop Template
  • Adding color customization Circular Statistics in About US Template
  • Improved comments, author, date and categories in Blog Template

Changelog v 10.0.3

  • Fixed some bugs

Changelog v 10.0.4

  • Fixed some bugs
  • Added the ability to move the cursor in the Header Static
  • Added the ability to customize the color of the nav-bar
  • Enhanced images for mobile devices
  • Improved image resolution

Changelog v 10.0.5

  • Fixed some bugs
  • Added weight variations in the Fonts

Changelog v 10.0.6

  • Added the ability to enable or disable the columns of the Portfolio in Homepage
  • Added the ability to enable or disable all sections in Homepage: 

Who ww are

Changelog v 10.0.7

  • Fixed some bugs( add bootstrap.js.map/ popper.js.map)
  • Removed blue border in the input
  • Added option to move the back to top to the left
  • Improved the graphics of the Customize( improved color control and drop down input selection)
  • Added 5 wonderful family fonts for titles
  • Added 5 wonderful family fonts for subtitles
  • Added the option to insert a personal google font in titles and subtitles
  • Added the option to open social links on a new browser page

Changelog v 10.0.8

  • Updated Woocommerce Template
  • Fixed color control bug in meta-box
  • Fixed general bugs
  • Added possibility to remove the Preloader
  • Added possibility to insert a link in the Footer (Copyright)
  • Added ability to open Footer links in a new window


Avi Pro V 10.0.8

5 thoughts on “Avik Pro

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your interest.
      We are working hard to make Avik Pro available as soon as possible.
      This week will be available.
      Thanks so much, see you soon.

  1. I am here because I’m having simple issues of changing the main font colour in the Avik theme currently available. Also changing the header from a blank white section. I am a novice but can do most changes on the theme but these. Can you help?

  2. Hi Matthew Davids,
    In the Free version it is not possible to change the color of the titles and paragraphs.

    There are however many possibilities of choosing colors, try to select a different skins from Avik, then modify the coliris as you wish.
    By this evening we will release the Version Pro, it will be full of options!

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29 November 2018




Avik Pro

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