Atomy Plugin Settings

Here's how to properly configure the Atomy plugins.Below you will find the configurations and explanations of some plugins, those not mentioned do not need particular cunfigurations. TI Wishlist General Settings Create a page with the Wishlist title (you can put the title you prefer) and enter this shortcode inside:[ti_wishlistsview] Then in the Wishlist page select the page just created! Product page "Add to Wishlist" Button Settings Product listing Button Settings Wishlist Product Settings Social Networks Sharing Options Wishlist Product Counter YITH WooCommerce Quick View WooCommerce Here is a basic configuration for your store, if you want to learn more about this plugin you can go directly to the official guide here: Important​Before updating the WooCommerce Plugin, ask Support, to make sure it is compatible with the Theme or wait for the Theme to update!​As soon as you have activated the plugin a guided configuration will be introduced, if you are not very practical you can follow these simple steps Create a new page with the Checkout title (you can put the title you prefer) and enter this shortcode inside:[woocommerce_checkout]Create a new page with the Cart title (you can put the title you prefer) and enter this shortcode inside:[woocommerce_cart]Create a new page with the My Account title (you can put the title you prefer) and enter this shortcode inside:[woocommerce_my_account] Go to : DashboardWooCommerceSettingsGeneral -> here you can fill in the required formsProducts -> Shop page -> here you have to select the page you want to be your Store's HomeAdvanced -> Cart page : here select the created page of the Cart. Checkout page: here select the created page of the Checkout. My account page: here select the created page of the My Account.Save changes Your store is now set up correctly with the basic options. Polylang This plugin serves if you want to have a multilingual site.For correct operation you must also activate the Hyyan WooCommerce Polylang Integration plugin. When you have activated the plugin you will see an entry with Language, enter and go to Languages. Add new language then enter an order for this language. Now you need to add new copies with the languages you want to the existing pages, posts and products. Now go to Strings translations and you will find all the strings you can translate.Atomy was created so that when you change titles from the customize, then they appear here to be able to translate them into the languages you prefer. To display in the home the possibility to change language go to: Appearance -> Menus -> here you create a new menu and follow these settings For a complete setup of this plugin I invite you to visit the official guide here:


Atomy Franchi shortcodes plugin

Inside the Atomy zip file you will find the "Extra" folder -> "Plugins" folder, here you will find the plugin.Go to your site's Dashboard and install this plugin, just activate it and you can take advantage of all the shortcodes to insert the sections where you want!


Pepe Setting Plugin

This guide will help you to set up the recommended Plugins correctly. Pepe recommends installing 4 Plugins 1 Contact Form 7 To have a form with a personalized style from Pepe you must proceed as follows:Dashboard/Contact/Add newEnter a title and paste this code into the Form: HTML: <label class="pepe-left-7"> [text* your-name placeholder "Your Name"] </label> <label class="pepe-right-7"> [email* your-email placeholder "Your Mail"] </label> <label class="pepe-textarea-7"> [textarea your-message placeholder "Your Message"] </label> <div class="pepe-color-button-7"> <a class="pep-6 pep3 pepe-submint-7">[submit "Submit Message"]<span></span></a> </div> Now copy this shortcode and paste it into your post, page, or text widget content. Done! 2 Advenced Ads This plugin is used to place advertisements on your site. Pepe has several areas to insert these banners. You can use the Widget in the header, in the various Sidebars and there are 4 areas on the Home page inserted between the Blocks. You can use them directly from the Customizer-> WidgetHere you can find the official guide to using this Plugin: 3 MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress This plugin is for newsletters.To take advantage of Pepe's custom style you have to proceed as follows: Dashboard/MC4WP/FormEnter a title and paste this code into the Form: HTML: <p> <label> <input type="email" name="EMAIL" placeholder="Your email address" required /> </label> </p> <p> No spam, notifications only about new products, updates. </p> <p style="float:right"> <input type="submit" value="Sign up" /> </p> Now you can use this Form in the Widgets of the various Sidebars, but Pepe makes the most of it in the Block 4 Widget 4 On Click Demo Import This Plugin is used to import demos, to have the site ready with a simple click.As soon as activated you will notice a new entry in Dashboard / Appearance / PEPE demo importerAs soon as activated you will notice a new entry in Dashboard / Appearance / PEPE demo importer


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