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Initial basic setting​Hi, here are the initial settings to set up your shop with Atomy. 1 Install the recommended plugins (at least WooCommerce)2 Create a new page ( The name can be what you prefer!)3 Go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Products4 In Shop Page set the newly created page5 Go to Customize -> Homepage Settings, in Your homepage displays and set a Static Page, and Homepage set the newly created page. Done, with these simple steps you will already have your shop ready! Quick settings with import of a demo​*Important! Before importing the demo install all the recommended plugins!Demo import 1 Download the demo Unzip the zip file you just downloaded to your desktop ""3 Inside there are 3 rows4 Go to your dashboard -> ATOMY Import Demo5 Upload the 3 files: .xml /.dat /.wie6 Import Demo Data ( It will take about 6 minutes, this also depends on your connection! ) Settings 1 Go to -> WooCommerce -> Settings -> Product -> Shop page and select the Store page, save changes 2 Go to -> WooCommerce -> Settings -> Advanced, in Cart page select the Cart page, in Checkout page select the Checkout page, in My account page select the My Account page, save changes 3 Now you should have the complete demo, you just have to customize it with your content! Below you will find all the steps to easily customize all the sections and plugins. Important: Read carefully the Ti Wishlist plugin configuration, to have a correct product configuration. Common problems: if you don't see the store as the demo, go to Customizer-> Homepage Settings -> if there are 2 pages "Store" select the other!

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