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  1. Denis

    Contact Form

    Hi @GCARROLL45, you are asking about things that are not inherent to the Willer theme, they are more inherent to plugins, sorry but I can't help you. Regards
  2. Denis


    Hi @GCARROLL45, Sorry but I can't figure out which black space you are referring to. You should send some screenshots so I can understand better, thanks. Regards
  3. Denis

    "Search" widget

    Hi @GCARROLL45, For the search form in the header, unfortunately there is a bug. This bug will be fixed in the next update. For the moment if you want to make it work insert this code in Customizer-> Additional CSS input#search-box.search-box{ color:#000!important; } If you wish to remove...
  4. Denis

    "Read more" button

    Hi @GCARROLL45, to help you have to tell me which section you are talking about, for example the Slider Zoom section, the Static section, etc .. thanks. Regards
  5. Denis

    Header Media Youtube Video Customization

    Hi @Alan, You cannot remove information about Youtube via the Willer theme. As a solution you could record the video from your pc, then insert that in the site so you will no longer have the Youtube information in hover. As for the Play / Pause button we have created a plugin, here the link...
  6. Denis

    Atomy Installation

    Hi @ciclodigital, the Atomy-Food demo is only available in the pro version of the theme. Here you can see it: https://www.denisfranchi.com/blog/portfolio/atomy-food/ Regards Denis
  7. Denis

    Pepe Setting Plugin

    This guide will help you to set up the recommended Plugins correctly. Pepe recommends installing 4 Plugins 1 Contact Form 7 To have a form with a personalized style from Pepe you must proceed as follows: Dashboard/Contact/Add new Enter a title and paste this code into the Form: <label...
  8. Denis

    Pepe installation

    This guide will allow you to install Pepe correctly. First unzip the downloaded file "Pepe-v.1.0.0.zip" on your desktop Inside you will find 3 folders Open the "Theme Files" folder where you will find the pepe.zip file Now go to the Dashboard of your WordPress site in Appearance / Theme / add...
  9. Denis

    two different layouts after clicking on title and after clicking on home.

    Hi @SubodhP, I'm sorry but I can't understand what your problem is. You should tell me which template you are using. To set up the Homepage you need to create a new page with the "Home Willer" template. Then from the Customizer go to Pages and from there you can set the various sections you want...
  10. Denis

    Quick guide to customize Pepe

    Hi, in this guide I will explain how to customize Pepe in a few simple steps. Let's begin! :) Customization with import of the Demo As soon as you have installed and activated Willer, you will notice a Notification advising you to install Plugins. So the first thing you need to do is to...
  11. Denis

    How to change Entry Title?

    Hi @Dieter, to change font you have to go to: Customizer->Other Settings->Font Family from here you can change the font of the titles and subtitles! In the Free version you have the possibility to change 20 types of fonts, while in the Pro version you can set all the fonts you want. You cannot...
  12. Denis

    500 server error when importing content Avik

    Hi @shimaryu, unfortunately I can't help you with this type of error, because it could be caused by several factors. This link might be useful: One Click issues. At the limit you can try to import only the .xml file to see if you import the posts and pages. Regards
  13. Denis

    Can I restore Willer from Scratch?

    Hi @idophotos , to install a new theme in Wordpress you have to proceed as follows: Appearance > Themes > Add New > In the Search box type "Willer" Install and activate. Done This refers to Willer Free! Regards Denis
  14. Denis

    Image above the home page label - How to remove from Willer Template?

    Well, I'm glad you solved!
  15. Denis

    Demo Import dosn't work

    Hi @regiona-sichtbar, if it doesn't give you any error, it's hard to understand why! You could try again, even 4 more times. The requirements seem ok, the only thing I can tell you is to try again. here are the most common problems...