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Button name change


I bought from you theme Willer PRO.
I have a small issue - I cannot find how to change buttons name on slider or oder sections.
I have site in polish, so I do not want to have "LEARN MORE" but "ZOBACZ". How can I change that?



Staff member
Hi @Marcin ,
If you only need to replace "Learn More" you can proceed as follows:

  • Dashboard
  • Appearance
  • Theme Editor
  • Select theme to edit: Willer
  • On the right select "Section" and section-slider-zoom.php
  • On line 47 you should find:
<button class = "btn-slider btn-1 btn-1c"> <a href="<?php the_permalink();?> "> <? php esc_html_e ('Learn More', 'willer'); ?> </a> </ button>
You have to change "Learn More" with what you want

You can do that for the other sections you want.

If instead you have to put the whole site in Polish, you have to follow another approach, creating a dedicated language, you can do this too but obviously it takes much longer to do it.
However I am available, let me know if you can solve this, thanks.