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Error: Not Found (404)

I was getting on so well with the demo version, but having real problems with the pro version.

As this is a new site, and I was having problems after installing the pro version after deleting the demo version, I decided to delete the full Wordpress and start from scratch with only the pro version.

But in both cases I am getting Error: Not Found (404) when trying to install the demo info (after installing all the plug-ins) - any idea how to clear this error?
I also downloaded the Avik Arch one earlier with demo version and it worked fine, but not with the pro version
------------------- went to get screenshot to send you -----------------------
I have just run the demo install again, and it downloaded this time, but not fully setup as demo

I had been setting up the menu as the manual directions suggested - could that have allowed download?

I find it strange that the free version just works, but the paid version takes a lot more work? is it a case I have to set everything up manually before the demo will load/work?


Staff member
I just ran a clean install test of Avik Pro and the demos are all imported successfully.
The problem could be due to the Server.
If you want I can do it for you.
You should send me a private message with a website link, a provisional Username and relative password to access the administration area.
Then specify the Demo you want to import.
I remain available.