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Header Media Youtube Video Customization


New member
Hi, for the "Header Media", I just want to play the YouTube video without any info, buttons or related video, just the pure video. How can I do such customization?

I have tried to put code like
to hide all the control elements but seems the parameters were not passed into the php content.

Thanks in advance


Staff member
Hi @Alan,
You cannot remove information about Youtube via the Willer theme. As a solution you could record the video from your pc, then insert that in the site so you will no longer have the Youtube information in hover. As for the Play / Pause button we have created a plugin, here the link:
Video Header Option Plugin
This plugin allows you to customize the button, you can also hide it.
This Plugin was coded for the Avik theme, it also works on the Willer theme, but the button color and background don't work.
Above all, this plugin allows you to see the video even on mobile devices, which you would not otherwise be able to see.