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Image size


Staff member
In Atomy there are several sizes for the images, below is a list of recommended sizes.
These measurements refer to a minimum size that the image should have.

Section Slider -> 4000x2000 px
Section Card -> Card 1 1000x2000px - Card 2 800x2000px - Card 3 1000x600px - Card 4 1000x1000px
Section Card With Sidebar -> Card 1000x400px - News Slider 1500x1130px Small four News 200x150px
Article -> 1500x800px
Section Team -> 300x400px
Section Carousel Product -> 270x435px
Section Portfolio -> 1200x800px
Section Testimonial -> 250x300px
Section Slide -> 400x500px
Category -> 1000x550px

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