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Quick Customization Guide Avik


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in this guide I will explain how to customize Avik in a few simple steps.
Let's begin! :)

Customization with import of the Demo
As soon as you have installed and activated Avik, you will notice a Notification advising you to install 3 Plugins.
So the first thing you need to do is to install and activate these Plugins.

Now in the Dashboard in the "Appearance" Menu you have seen an entry "AVIK Import Demo".
Enter this menu.
Visit the "Avik Starter Demos" demo page, choose the demos you prefer and download it for free.
Now unzip the zip file you just downloaded onto your desktop.
Inside you will find 3 files.
From the "AVIK Import Demo" menu select these 3 files respecting the extensions (.xml,. Wie,. Dat) and press the "Import Demo Data" button.
Wait about 5 minutes (It also depends on the speed of your connection) and you will already have your site equal to the demo you have chosen.:)

Now you can change the content as you see fit, and customize it as you wish.

Customization without Demo
As soon as you have installed and activated Avik, in the home of your site you will already have all the sections in order.
To customize it you have to open the Customize and you will have the various controls.

Other Settings

Font Family : Here you can set the Font Family for titles and paragraphs
Back To Top : Here you find the settings for the "Back to Top" button
Social: Here you can activate social media, when you activate them they appear in the header, in the Contacts section and in the Footer
Button Read More: Here you can edit the text of this button.
Nav Menu Settings: Here you have all the controls for the navigation menu, from color to size.
Layout: here you can insert the sections of the Homepage in the order you want
Preloader:here you can enable or disable the Preloader
Site Identity

Here you can upload your logo, adjust the size and rotation of the logo, write the site title and upload the favicon.

Section ( sections are blocks of the homepage)

Slider: the Avik slider has 3 carousels showing the last post of a certain category, here you can select the category you want for the three carousels.
Who We Are: here you can enable or disable this section, you can set the category of the post you want to show. In this section you have the possibility to show 2 images of the post you create. You must have activated the 'Multiple Post Thumbnails' plugin, so you can set 2 foreground images.You can also adjust their sizes and distances.
Services: here you can enable or disable this section, you can set the category of the post you want to show and you can set the size of the images.
Portfolio: here you have the possibility to set 3 different categories to show your posts in 3 blocks. When you create a post for the Portfolio you can use the "Portfolio" Template as an "Attribute".​
Blog: here you have the possibility to set the category to show your posts, the length of the expert to show, enable the date and comments.You can also set the category and the number of posts you want to show in the carousel of individual blog posts and enable / disable the Sidebar on Smartphones.​
Contact: here you can enable social media, enable the image before the Footer (which is the foreground image of this post that you can select from its category), you can enable the image effect and the distance of the Widget that you can enter from the Widget menu.​

Pages (these are the pages with specific templates)

Who We Are: here you have all the settings for this page.
Services: here you have all the settings for this page.
404 Page: here you have all the settings for this page.

here you can set different skins already preset, otherwise you can change the colors as you wish. Keep in mind, however, that if you edit a Skin and then decide to change it, the previously set colors will not be saved.

Header Media

Here you can set an image in the header or a video or set the Slider for the header.
If you decide to set an image or a video you should set the category of posts you want the automatic cursor to write. (Title and excpert). You can also activate or deactivate the down arrow, social networks, the font. Bold text and the font. size and padding.
If you decide to set the Slider in the header you will have to select the categories from the Slider section.

Background Image

You can select an image for the background of your site


Avik has 2 menus, 1 for the Homepage and one for posts and pages.
There are 2 menus because if in menu 1 (Main) you set the hooks to scroll through the sections (as a guide) then when you go inside the posts or pages they would no longer work. So you have the possibility to create menu 2 (Secondary) where you can make it exactly the same as the first one, but you will have to insert the various links.

You have 5 Widget areas: 1 on the Homepage in the Contact section, 2 in the Footer, 1 in the blog and 1 on the Services page.

Homepage Settings

Here you can set a specific page for the homepage of your site, if instead you leave the last posts set, Avik by default will show the page with the blocks in sections.

Additional CSS

here you can further customize the style of your site. Obviously you need to know a bit of code. The changes made here will not change the Avik core in any way.


Here you can enable Social and Copyright of your site.
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In the section> Services, can only 4 items of content be displayed?

Can only three "Title Nav columns" be created in the portfolio?


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Hi @LF2021,
yes only 4 posts can be set in the Services Section.

In the Portfolio section you have the possibility to enable or disable the various columns:

  • Customizer
  • Sections
  • Portfolio
  • Settings Portfolio

here you have the option to enable or disable the various columns.


OK. Thanks.
It's a shame because we have more than 4 portfolios.

What about the services, can only 4 be displayed?

The information (date, author, "no comments"), for example in the posts, can certainly not be deactivated, right ?!

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