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Quick guide to customize Willer Pro


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in this guide I will explain how to customize Willer Pro in a few simple steps.
Let's begin! :)

Customization with import of the Demo

As soon as you have installed and activated Willer, you will notice a Notification advising you to install Plugins.
So the first thing you need to do is to install and activate the Plugins.

Now in the Dashboard in the "Appearance" Menu you have seen an entry "WILLER Import Demo".
Enter this menu.
From the "WILLER Import Demo" menu, you will see the demos you can choose.
Choose the one you want and with a simple click you will import the demo.
Wait about 6 minutes (It also depends on the speed of your connection) and you will already have your site equal to the demo you have chosen.:)

Now you can change the content as you see fit, and customize it as you wish.

Common problems:
in some cases the Homepage is not selected during the import. Then you can still notice the latest posts on your Homepage. To solve go in Customizer -> Homepage Settings -> Select -> Your homepage displays-> A static page and select "Home"!

Customization without Demo

As soon as you have activated Willer Pro on your Homepage you will have the latest articles published.
To set up a Homepage with the various sections you must proceed in this way.

1 Create a new page with only the title for example "Home" and Attribute Page Template "Home Willer".
2 Reload the dashboard page where you created this page and you will see the meta-boxes.
3 Now you can select the Sections you want to have in the various sectors!
4 Go to Customizer -> Homepage Settings -> Select -> Your homepage displays-> A static page and select "Home".

Now you will have the sections on the home page and you can customize them as you wish.

In order in the Customizer
Other Settings
Button Read More:
you can enter the name you want.
Excerpt length

Pre-loader: enable or disable, choose the Pre-loader ( you can choose different pre-loaders, or insert one you want!)
Back To Top: enable or disable, enable Position Back To Top Left
Breadcrumbs: enable or disable in post/pages Template default
Nav Menu: color and size
Menu Right: page select and enable or disable Social Media
Font Family: titles and subtitles, font size and color title section Homepage
Social Media
Scroll Effect Images:
enable or disable

Slider Zoom:
category post, height, margin and color
Slider Vertical: category post, height, margin and color
Services: page, category post, width Images and margin
Gallery: category post, color and margin
Testimonials: post and margin
Brand: post and margin
About Me: page, color and margin
Portfolio: page, color and margin
Team: page, category post and margin
Blog: category post, title, enable or disable meta info, color and margin
Parallax: page, position button, color, height image and margin
Contact: page and text for button

404 Page:
select post end color text

Site Identity
Title and tagline, enable or disable rotation logo, font size logo, margin top logo, margin top menu, title and subtitle, font size title and subtile, site icon

Header Media
Select Video or image, category post, button play video, font size title and subtitle, color text, enable or disable text header

Background Image
Possibility to insert an image and position

Add menu
Willer Pro it has 2 menus, 1 main and one for the shop

Add Widget ( 4 for Footer and 1 for Blog, 1 for Menu Right, 1 for area Contact Form Post V-card, 1 for area Sidebar WooCommerce, 1 for area Content Page Contact, 1 for area Header Page Contact )

Homepage Settings
Your homepage displays ,your latest posts or a static page

Additional CSS
Here you can enter a custom style via css

Height Footer, number column for widget area, enable or disable logo and social and copyright, size logo and color, title and link custom copyright, background color and color Footer

Shop Willer
Select header for Shop, enable or disable Cart icon in menu, enable or disable Login icon in menu, custom number product, color text and icon vertical Slider, color text and icon Zoom Slider

Theme Style
Here you can choose between 9 different colored skins or enable custom color (this option to select the colors you want!)

Mobile Devices
Enable or disable back to top, sidebar, object fit image and icon scroll widget area


In Willer Pro you have many Meta-boxes to customize the various templates available.
When you create a new post or a new page you can select the attribute of the page with the template you prefer.
To view the meta-boxes you need to reload the dashboard page where you created this page or post!
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Hi Denis,

Is it possible to change the animated 'read-more' button label? Its default state is 'view more' but my website is in a different language.

Thanks in advance for your kind attention.

Best regards,
Hi Denis,

I can see the Customizer, I can see the Other Settings, but no Button options there.....?

Thanks for your swift answer, by the way.

Cheers, Paul