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two different layouts after clicking on title and after clicking on home.

I am developing my website. But problem is when i customize the theme the changes are showing in home section. But when i click on title or logo no changes are happening and showing very different thing in that section. 1st pic is when i click on tittle . 2nd pic is when i click on home. what should i do when i want all the same changes in title also. Thank you.. 001.jpg 002.jpg


Staff member
Hi @SubodhP,
I'm sorry but I can't understand what your problem is.
You should tell me which template you are using.
To set up the Homepage you need to create a new page with the "Home Willer" template. Then from the Customizer go to Pages and from there you can set the various sections you want in the various sectors!
When you have set up the various sectors you can customize the various sections.

Here you can find a quick guide: