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Wl Custom Header Installation


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This Plugin allows you to change the Header Layout by setting the Logo in the Center, the Main Menu on the left and the pop-up menu on the right. If you also activate the WooCommerce Plugin, you can have the shopping cart and shop login on the right.

To carry out the installation you must proceed in this way:
  1. Here the plugin: https://www.denisfranchi.com/franchi-video/
  2. Go to your Dashboard
  3. Plugins
  4. Add New
  5. Upload Plugin
  6. Select the zip file you just downloaded
  7. Active

As soon as you have activated the plugin to change the Header you have to go to Customize, here you will notice a new control (Wl Custom Header). From this control you can enable or disable the Custom Header. In addition, you can also show or hide the search icon.

Now you will have to create a new menu and set as location display: Shop Menu Custom.
Done now you will have the cart icon, login and search on the right. :)
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