Refund – 10 days, no question asked

If you’re not happy with our product or support, you can ask for refund within 10 days, No Question Asked. Once refund request is sent, you will get a full refund. To request a refund please submit a request that contains your Transaction ID.

Moreover, please notice that refund policy won’t be applied for discounted and sale off items under no circumstance


We guarantee our products up-to-date with latest version of WordPress. FRANCHI DESIGN provide free upgrades for products customers bought. When any upgrade is available, you can download it from each download category section.  

Technical Support

Free Theme Support

For Free themes, we only offer support related to bugs found. No other support is included. Private support is not included. Response times may not be immediate.

Pro Theme Support

1. FRANCHI DESIGN provides free technical support for purchased theme and extension via ticket system. In general, this support is not available for FREE products.

2. For the product installation, FRANCHI DESIGN asks buyers to refer to the installation instructions given in the product documentation.

3. In the case of extensions defects that do not result from any fault of the buyer’s and which have not been reasonably apparent during checking of the system requirements and testing before the purchase even under compliance with the required diligence, support will be free of charge.

4. Support is available for any theme purchased from FRANCHI DESIGN for 6 months after the purchase date, or as long as the subscription is renewed. Support includes the rectifying of issues arising from packaged theme features, bug fixes and basic usage questions. FRANCHI DESIGN does not offer support for WordPress itself (default modules of WordPress), or does not provide support for any third-party extensions you might choose to use with your purchased FRANCHI DESIGN theme or modules, troubleshooting issues occurring in versions of Internet Explorer older than version 8, WordPress Version < 3.0 or customization.

We are unable to provide support that requires us to view websites with questionable content. Such content includes, but is not limited to, pornography, prostitution, racist content, possible scams, etc.

5. To request support you need to open a ticket on the Forum. We prefer to give support from there and not via Mail, to reduce response times and to offer better quality!

For Free Themes/Extensions Licences

When you purchase any free extension or free themes on our site, it means that you will get the free single license. In other words, you can’t use a free extension/themes to create the commercial theme that you sell on your site or ThemeForest.  

For Pro Themes/Extensions Licences

Single Site License

The license you purchase is valid only for installation on a site, if you need to install it on another site you have to buy another license.
If you change site, ie if the one you installed it on is closed, you can install it on another site.

3 Site License

The license you purchase is valid for installation on a three sites.

5 Site License

The license you purchase is valid for installation on a five sites.

10 Site License

The license you purchase is valid for installation on a ten sites.

Unlimited Sites

The license you purchase is valid for installation on unlimited sites.

Theme Demos

All the images in the demos of our themes were taken from:

However, images from other sites may also be present. In all cases, these images are to be considered only for demonstration purposes, therefore they cannot be used on their websites. Franchi Design has no responsibility for the use of these images.